E - I P O

How can You earn Rewards on the E IPO App?

  • After you download the E IPO App, you will receive 200 Coins in your wallet.
  • If you apply for an IPO you will earn coins as decided by the management.
  • If you refer a friend and your referred friend applies for an IPO using E IPO, you receive 100 Coins.

How can you redeem Coins on the E IPO App?

You need to have a minimum of 500 Coins in your wallet by the following means to redeem your reward in the form of an Amazon or a Paytm Voucher.

Case 1: 200 Coins received after Application Download and 300 Coins earned through 1 referral and successful IPO Application rewards.

Case 2: 500 Coins earned through referrals (minimum 5 referrals) such that each of your reference has successfully applied to at least one IPO (the information foe which will be available in the ‘Refer and Earn’ section.