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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that will apply to the online investment in the products of IPO//FPO through the eIPO website/platform are detailed below. The applicants, Resident Indian individuals and Eligible NRIs, who have a valid Demat account, can apply (hereinafter called as “Client'') and are requested to read carefully and understand the terms and conditions before submitting the orders of IPO/FPO and Bonds.

Terms and Conditions for IPO/FPO
  • eIPO offers a platform to apply for the IPO and FPO. Funds/Payments are collected as per the ASBA system. ASBA is a facility provided by banks to investors in initial public offerings (IPOs) and follow-on public offers (FPOs) to block funds in their bank account without having to make a payment.
  • Applications will be processed without validating the funds availability in the Trading Account. The applicant sholid ensure that sufficient funds are available in the Bank Account for which the UPI ID is provided in the online IPO application.
  • The IPO bidding is done on BSE's platform through APIs provided by the exchange. eIPO does not take responsibility for rejections / non-processing of any application. eIPO will take the best efforts to process your application.
  • If more than one DP is attached to an Account, the Primary DP Account attached to the A/c will be taken in the application.
  • eIPO shall not be responsible for non-allotment or delayed allotment of shares.
  • Applicant is required to enter the UPI ID for there bank account only. Bids where the UPI ID entered does not belong to the applicant will be rejected.
  • On successfli bidding, applicants will receive a block funds UPI request. Applicants must accept this request immediately by using the BHIM app or any UPI APP provided by the applicant's bank. Allotment will not happen if the applicant does not accept the block request immediately.
  • Applicant acknowledges that the eIPO online application form is a facility provided by eIPO to its registered clients to apply Online for IPO's. The online facility is in turn dependent on the performance of the API's provided by BSE's IPO platform. Applicant acknowledges and accepts that eIPO does not have control over the same.
  • Minimum application size, i.e. Order Value in the “Place Order” menu is fixed by eIPO in line with its internal policy in this regard. The Minimum Order Value colid vary from one issue to another.
  • If more than one DP is attached to a trading Account, the Primary DP Account attached to the A/c will be taken in the application. Further, the Bank A/c’s attached to the Primary DP A/c will be considered in the application.

eIPO reserves all rights to reject an application under the following conditions,

  • If the client has not provided sufficient details/documents to process the same.
  • If it is of the view that processing the same would violate the guidelines laid down by any Regulatory authority, whether in India or outside India.
  • If the client has not submitted the application within the stipulated time specified by eIPO or has not accepted the UPI based ASBA blocking request within the specified time.
  • If the client’s registered bank is not in the ASBA list of banks.
  • If the client applies for the shares in the different category, that he/she is not eligible.
  • eIPO shall not take responsibility for objections/rejections of applications by the collection banker or registrar.
  • The client agrees that eIPO shall not be responsible for non-allotment/ partial allotment or delayed allotment of the total shares applied.
  • The Client hereby agrees and acknowledges that the role of eIPO is only to facilitate and process these applications, and shall not be responsible / liable for any losses/damages/costs incurred due to the process or non-process of the applications.
  • eIPO shall not be responsible for any delay in refund of application money if any by the Registrar/ by the designated bank.
  • eIPO or its employees/directors /agents/affiliates/subsidiaries shall/ do not advise on any kind of investments in IPO/ FPO and are not liable or responsible for any kind of investments made by the client.
  • eIPO at its sole discretion may change, modify, add, or remove portions of the terms and conditions from time to time and the clients agree to abide by the same.
  • All disputes and differences arising out of, under or in connection with these terms and conditions or anything done here shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction only in the Courts of Ahmedabad
  • I have fully read, understood, agree and accept the terms and conditions related to the online application of the IPO/FPO, and do hereby agree not to question the validity, enforceability and applicability of any provision/clauses of this document in any circumstances whatsoever.